Crossfit Dubai Gyms: What is Crossfit?

Are you searching for Crossfit Dubai Gyms so you can start doing this popular fitness routine yourself? Read more about it to know if it is the right physical activity for you.

What Is Crossfit?

Crossfit is a high-intensity fitness program that mixes up several exercises that train the person to do functional movements. The movements in Crossfit follow the greatest aspects of gymnastics, running, weight lifting, and many more.

Serious Crossfitters are usually great athletes and have a very stict diet like Paleo or Keto diet and have a very strict training schedule. But it doesn’t mean that only athletes can do Crossfit. In fact, any person who has the right mindset and who is physically able to do the basic movements of Crossfit can do the fitness program.

Crossfit for Beginners


Although everyone–even kids–can do Crossfit, there are of course precautions. There are things one should remember in making sure that they execute properly the Crossfit moves and don’t become injured. Here are a few tips on how to protect yourself from getting injured in Crossfit.

1.Do Your Warm Up & Cool Down

In every exercise or sport, it is important that you do a proper warm up before you start and even just a quick cool down after your exercises. Getting into your warm up and cool down decreases the risk of getting injuries like sprains or torn ligaments in any type of sports or physical activity.

2. Start With Small Steps

You might be tempted to show off during your first Crossfit Dubai class and start lifting heavy weights or doing all sorts of stunts with the Crossfit equipment. Even for seasoned Crossfit athletes, they all start out small–carrying light before going to full mode exercise. Starting in small increments helps your body warm up and helps you figure out the level that is doable for you and safe for your body.

3. Don’t Submit to Peer Pressure

This is one issue that you may encounter at any Crossfit gym. Peer pressure during your sessions to lift more, do more reps, and just tire out your body. many people give up on Crosfit because they feel they cannot do it–but that is actually because they are listening to other people at the gym and not to their own body. You need to forget what the other guy next to you is saying. When doing your Crossfit reps, just listen to your own body and learn to know what your limits are and the number of reps you are able to do. Do not submit to pressure because you will not only feel incapable but also risk yourself getting injured and hating the fitness program. It is always best to just focus on your own progress and don’t compare yourself to others in your Crossfit gym.

4. Ask for help

Anytime you are not sure of something or how to execute a Crossfit move, remember that you should ask your trainer or someone in the Corssfit box. Do not execute moves without knowing how to properly do them because you risk getting injured and looking like a fool.

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