Send Flowers in Dubai: Best Types of Flowers to Send

Wondering what type of flowers to buy for special occasions if you want to send flowers in Dubai? You don’t have to be an expert to have an idea what flowers are best suited for your occasion. There are many kinds and to find the best type, here are some of the top flowers being requested for delivery. From this list you can then have an idea what is popular in different categories:

Pink Roses

For the best blooms to provide for a young lady, obviously pink roses are the ideal decision as indicated by purchasers. For blossoms young ladies cherish, a pink rose is flawlessness. Most ladies requested splendid pink roses or light pink roses for blossom conveyance. The specific shade of pink didn’t appear to make a difference. Strangely while pink long stem roses conveyance was marginally supported, yet ladies likewise demonstrated a relatively rise to love of blended pink rose bunches. On the off chance that you need a top notch bundle at that point settle on 12 dozen long stem roses conveyance, however in the event that that is somewhat pricy for you, at that point simply ahead and arrange a wonderful and reasonable blended bunch with pink roses. Factually, in her eyes, that is similarly as amazing. Number one and no more prevalent blooms to give a young lady or lady in your life, pink rose bunches.


Tulip is one of those flowers that have a very pleasing appearance and customers seem to choose shades depending on the season. Many customers love tulips and they choose it for special occasions as well corporate events. When ordering tulips from your Dubai florist, it is recommended that you just buy whatever shade is offered for the season so that you are guaranteed to get the freshest cuts of flowers. Also, you might want to place your orders in advance just to make sure that you are reserved the right number of tulips you need for your bouquet since these flowers become really in demand.

Red Roses

While nobody was amazed to see red roses on our best 10 blooms to give a young lady list, we were astounded to find that it positioned number two. Clearly holding at second place of women’s most loved blossoms to arrange, it’s not precisely in a decrepit spot, but rather we were astounded that it wasn’t number one. For a really sentimental rose conveyance, red roses are unquestionably the most sentimental bloom. The estimating fluctuates broadly from premium rose bundles to the least expensive rose bunch conveyance. Actually, the numbers were so spread out that we truly can’t state that a solitary rose conveyance isn’t supported over a 24 long stem rose conveyance. What we can see are that individuals acquiring commemoration roses tend to purchase substantial rose bundles, while various other rose conveyances go from single roses to different red rose blended bunches. The roses excellence is entirely subjective. The main proclamation we can make with no uncertainty, is that it positions number two on the mainstream blooms for young ladies scale.

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