Send Flowers in Dubai: Best Types of Flowers to Send

Wondering what type of flowers to buy for special occasions if you want to send flowers in Dubai? You don’t have to be an expert to have an idea what flowers are best suited for your occasion. There are many kinds and to find the best type, here are some of the top flowers being requested for delivery. From this list you can then have an idea what is popular in different categories:

Pink Roses

For the best fowers to provide for a young lady, obviously pink roses are the ideal decision as indicated by purchasers. Pink roses are of course not the normal red roses and that is believed to be the reason why many young ladies prefer receiving pink roses than red ones. They see it as a novelty and something more special than the ordinary or very common red roses. Also, pink roses seem to have a more eye-catching appeal when people see it especially when you put them together in a bouquet. So next time you are thinking of giving flowers to a young lady, why not consider buying pink roses?


Tulip is one of those flowers that have a very pleasing appearance and customers seem to choose shades depending on the season. Many customers love tulips and they choose it for special occasions as well corporate events. When ordering tulips from your Dubai florist, make sure you order in advance because they can have a high demand and you might not be able to get them in time for your occasion. Also, ordering in advance means you can still request the tulip shade you want and maybe order a customized flower arrangement as well.

Red Roses

We did mention that pink roses were favored over red, but red roses are still in the top list of flowers being ordered for different occasions. There have been many variations of roses and some even play with their shades like making them blue, yellow, light pink etc. But red roses are still some of the most common requests by customers and most flower shops in Dubai have roses as a staple on their list of flowers for ordering because they know they can always sell them no matter what the season or occasion.

Other Tips When Buying Flowers

Now that you know the top flowers to buy, don’t forget that you have to do some planning and preparation when buying your flowers. Check out a good and reliable florist who can help you decide on what flowers to buy and what type of flower arrangement to do. With pro florist on your side, it is always easier to make a decision whether to just buy one type of flower or to mix different types so you can make your bouquet even more interesting.

Also, don’t forget to ask about free delivery service from the flower shop where you want to buy flowers. Not all flower shops in Dubai offer free flower delivery service that can save you a lot of time, so ask before you order.

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