Yoga Abu Dhabi Studio: Tips for Yoga Beginners

Want to join a yoga class at a yoga Abu Dhabi Studio, or thinking of starting to practice yoga meditation but not sure if it is really worth the effort? If you are going to get into yoga, here are some of the most important first steps you should make to make sure you are getting the best results:

Find a decent yoga instructor

If you find a decent–that means experienced & capable instructor–then you can increase your chances of making your yoga time worth while. If you receive yoga lessons from an accomplished, qualified teacher, instead of from a book or video, you will learn faster and it will be easier for you to follow along because your teacher is right there in front of you.

Don’t Overdo It

Just like with anything else in life that you are just starting out to do, you should overdo it! With yoga, you might feel that you can easily stretch and twist your body into a pretzel and be fine, but you might suffer from injuries since you are not yet flexible and in control of your body. Just remember to challenge yourself with the poses but also listen to your body and how it feels and if you are able to really the the poses without pain.


Yoga is tied in with finding a more beneficial, more profound connection between our body and mind, and our breathing is key to this. When doing yoga, inhale deeply, focus on your breathing, and exhale slowly while you forget about the world outside and just be mindful of where you are at the present, what you are doing, and how you are doing it.

Try not to compare yourself to other people

Whether you are a newbie or experienced person in yoga, you still have to remember that your toughest competition is yourself. If you cannot do some movements, then accept that and do not compare yourself to other people around you. Every person is different. For a really supportive yoga group, check out Body Tree Studio in Abu Dhabi.

Know about the space around you

Yoga classes can be stuffed out; know about the need to leave enough space amongst yourself as well as other people so that on the off chance that you topple from your Tree Pose, you don’t thump over your neighbor as well. There is a sure behavior of deferential consciousness of imparting space to others that is a beautiful piece of yoga hone.

There will be times in yoga that you are too lazy or just want to give up because you cannot do  the move. In those times, if it’s really hard, then don’t do yoga at all and just rest. Give time for your body to rest and heal also and then you will eventually feel like coming back to your yoga practice. There will be times that your body is just too heavy to lift and your mind too stubborn to convince, so in those moments, just respect that and take a break.


Here are more advice for yoga beginners: